Werner Claessens
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My name is Werner Claessens.

I live and work in Antwerp, Belgium as an illustrator, cartoonist, photographer and graphic designer.

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Bricolage and improvisation, creative t(h)inkering, using what I happen to find lying around, or what happens to come along - that is the way I often like to work. I assemble things physically or through photography and digital means, usually combining them with painting, drawing or basic printmaking techniques. 



One of the posters for the “Zuilense Salons”-events I did recently.


Lately I’ve been doing a lot of poster designs - something I enjoy very much. Find a small selection below or check out more of my posters here.


 Sometimes I feel the need for a more direct approach and then I just draw - often in a more sketchy or cartoony style. I try to avoid too much thought or planning and allow myself to fail gently.




 My father was a typographer. No doubt that is why I have always been interested in how one can play with the shape and form of words. I like to experiment with free-style calligraphy, asemic writing and hand-drawn lettering.


Photography is a more recent interest. To be honest, I’m by no means a professional - I lack the technical know-how of the real pro. That doesn’t mean I don’t take making photographs serious, though. Yes, I am a dilettant, but sometimes that is just what is needed to spice things up a little….


 In all this I am looking for the Semi-Poetic. A quality found in the everyday occurrence, the discarded object and the small gesture. In what is unfinished, or broken and badly repaired. It is in the quiet and the not knowing and the violent angry shout. It's in the things you never notice and the things that are left out.

(The Semi-Poetic is all around us, but perhaps not all people can see it.)