A happy thought...


Walking down the street earlier today it suddenly hit me. I don't know why. It just did. This very clear thought:

Nobody is paying attention. 

Nobody cares. 

So you can do whatever you want.

I realized I had stopped walking as I was thinking this.




It is true, isn't it? When you start out to do something, whatever that is: writing a theater play about an owl family, starting a one-man Dixieland jazz band, outlining a novel in sixteen parts, painting the same landscape over and over again, whatever, whatever your wild plan is... nobody cares about it. 

And that's a good thing.

The trouble starts when you decide you want to change that. When you want people to care, when you want them to notice what you are doing and even worse,  when you want them to like what you are doing...

Then you start wondering whether or not, and maybe if I, or better yet,...

Then you start second-guessing yourself. Should I? Can I? Did someone else already do this before me? 

What if you just didn't? Just... did... not... care...


But we do, don't we?

We always do.


We just can't help ourselves...