The Grafik Brut project (1) - not ready, getting started anyway...

Right, here we go...

About two weeks ago I decided I was going to start a daily project again. I used to do something like that on Google+ (remember Google+? Yeah.... well....) Back then, my project was called "The Daily Doodle" and it ran for over two years, I believe.
I posted something each and every day. Sometimes it was a cartoon or an illustration. Often it was just a sketch or an actual doodle, other times it was a whole poster or a book cover. I didn't really make something every day. Sometimes I made several things in advance so I could have a few days off. It was a really great exercise, which taught me a lot. 

Below you can see some snippets of the work I did back then.


Some of it was crap. Some of it, I think, was the best stuff I ever did. 

But at some point, I quit.


And now... I feel like starting it up again.

A new daily project, with a new name: The Grafik Brut Project.

Grafik because it is going to be a poster each day.

Brut, because brut is good. Brut is fine. Brut is what it is going to be...

Ok, ok, I'll explain all of this in more detail in further installments. Now I just want to get this show on the road. 
I was postponing the launch of this project for "when the time was right". Ha! Yeah... The time didn't feel like getting right. Actually, the time is pretty lousy today. But I'm gonna start anyway. 

I don't know how long I am going to keep this project going. Maybe just a short time. A month or so. Maybe much longer. Maybe I'll stop and start up again after a while. I'm also not so clear on the rules yet. For now: It's going to be a poster a day. Nothing else. Just posters. (Again, in one of the following posts I'll talk a bit more about why I wanna do posters). And for now, I'm thinking I am actually going to make something each and every day, not just post something daily. That means, on some days, there will not be very much time to make something, but I am going to do it anyway, and it might be crap. It might make no sense. It might look stupid. But it is going to be the poster of the day.

So there.


Today, I made my first poster.

Wanna see?


More tomorrow...