Hand lettering, calligraphy, sigils and asemic writing.

I hated calligraphy in art school.

We had a teacher who insisted that we should be able to reproduce perfect Schwabachers and Italic Whatnots and so on. He made us draw out huge Steinbach pages filled with hand written text. Mine always looked terrible. I figured I was the worst of the whole class, but one day the teacher came over to look at my work and he made it absolutely clear I was the worst student he ever had, in all his years of teaching.

I was quite sure I was going to fail this class but at the very end he gave us an assignment where we didn’t have to write perfectly aligned, crispy-clean, well-formed letters but could just go nuts and write with whatever we could find: pens or brushes, but better yet: sticks or syringes or whatever body part we didn’t mind dipping into ink. We had to write the alphabet, but it didn’t even had to be all that readable. More important was that it looked good…

I made page after page after page of these.

And they looked good. They looked awesome.

Even the teacher thought so…